Grand Videoke

Grand Videoke is the leading portable videoke brand in the Philippines. Manufactured by TJ Media Co. Ltd, a publicly listed corporation and a market leader in the commercial karaoke industry in South Korea.


Each Grand Videoke system is powered by Dream Sound Module that produces HD sound quality, with over 5,000 built-in songs and multimedia function via USB or SD Card. Grand Videoke also introduced the first videoke system with Voice Command technology that allows to search, play and reserve songs by speaking commands. Grand Videoke is a fusion of design, technology and more.


Discover true sound with Sennheiser Microphones. Whether word, song or play, professional Sennheiser microphones bring the best sound experience wherever you may be. Specially designed to couple with instruments or vocals, Sennheiser microphones provide a unique, clear, crisp sound quality for every ear to listen. For more than 60 years, Sennheiser is considered as one of the leading brands of choice by professionals worldwide, providing consumers with top quality products and customised solutions in every area of sound recording, transmission and reproduction.

LD Systems

LD Systems is an established major brand in pro-audio equipment with a range of product lines that caters to large-small scale consumers globally. Each product is designed in Germany by a team of highly-trained and motivated engineers that put quality and innovation above all else.


Get captivated by high-performance complete PA systems that will ensure a highly uniform experience. Choose from a line of column and bookshelf type portable sound systems to installation speakers at an exceptional price-performance ratio.

WOW Fiesta

WOW! Fiesta, the videoke brand that caters to the mass market. It provides quality videoke systems at an affordable price for every Juan.


WOW! Fiesta models include the WOW Fiesta Full HD Videoke and WOW Fiesta DVD Karaoke. Each model comes with two premium wired microphones with over 2,000 built-in songs. WOW! Fiesta simply turns your ordinary celebration into a fiesta.


German-made Cameo Light has swept the market for professional lighting in just a short span of time. With over 100 innovative LED lighting products and accessories to choose from, Cameo offers world-class products for a wide variety of applications, ranging from small clubs to complex rigs at major events.


Using state-of-the-art technology as well as energy-efficient and long-lasting LED Technology, Cameo Light continues to work hard in developing sophisticated new products, implementing the ideas and requirements of its users.